Steam Age Returns To Basing

BRITAIN’S newest steam engine travelled through Basingstoke twice on the 14th February 2009. The pictures below were taken from the  Rileys Lane railway bridge. The train is named Tornado and was unveiled to the public last August.  It is the first steam locomotive to be built from scratch in England since the 1960s.  Construction took 18 years and cost more than £3m. The locomotive was scheduled to pass through Basingstoke at 11.40am and 2.10pm, and stop for water at Overton between 11.50am and noon.

Pictures by Tony Tuck.  Click on any of the pictures for a larger image.

The last picture is the crowd of about 30+ with camera's to record the event on the bridge.

Phil Males kindly sent us this link to a short Flash video of the steam train passing along by the bridgr in  Swing Swang Lane.  Click here.