Historic Old Basing

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Original RBL Hall We have been keeping you guessing with this picture.  We wanted to know what it was.  Peter Wooldrige provided up with what we thought must be the definative answer.

It can only be the original Old Basing British Legion Club, built on the current site of the British Legion Club in Crown Lane Old Basing.
The old Nissan hut was recovered from Lasham Airfield where it saw service during the second world war. My grandfather Reginald Loveridge, who was a founder member of the OBBL, was a member of the team who collected it from Lasham and rebuilt it in Crown Lane in 1949 (maybe 1948). Over the years the site has seen much change and expansion into the considerably larger club that can be seen today.
I am pleased to say that I have managed to continue the family connection with the club and continue to be active member and committee member if the existing OBBL.

Basing Mill

Alison Harris writes "This postcard was given to me by a family friend in Cornwall. I live in Lychpit so it has come full circle.  The card was sent early 1900s. You may have seen this picture before but if not hope you find it interesting."

This is taken from an oil painting of Milkingpen Lane.  Does anyone recognise where in Milkingpen lane these cottages are?
Smith's Mill, is that now Barton's Mill?  Donated by Val from Essex.
The entrance to Basing House around about 1900 or so.  Described as the Garrison Gateway.  Donated by Val from Essex again.
This is a drawing of the village hall, but it looks a little different now that is has been extended.