Wild Life in the Garden

This section is for you to send in any photo's of the wild life that you have in your own garden.  This could be badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, butterflies etc, please e-mail them to webman@basinga.org.uk.

 As usual, click on a picture for a larger image.


By Tony Fendall
I thought you may like a copy of this picture for the magazine, taken from my armchair through a bird spotting scope with digital camera, through my living room window. How lazy can you get? The bird is a Nuthatch.

Hedgehog Rescue

"Please find below a picture of one of the hedgehogs I rescue, I thought you
might like it for the Basinga Website. I rescue hedgehogs and release them
back into the wild and hence have a number regularly visit my garden."

By Lesley Catchpole  This is Mrs Hog.  You can find more pictures of her and her friends at http://www.freewebs.com/lychpithedgehogrescue/

Damsels and Dragonflies

The first three pictures were taken by Don Cameron.  He settled himself down by his pond one day and waited patiently, armed with his camera. 

By Don Cameron of Linden Avenue  The first is a pair of Damsels, which I think are Azure.  The blue one is the female.
By Don Cameron of Linden Avenue This one is a male Broad Bodied Chaser
By Don Cameron of Linden Avenue This one is a female Broad Bodied Chaser