Old Basing Alpha-Bird Competition


You may recall that years ago we ran some simple questions/challenges for readers and our webmaster Kevin Curtis just had a great suggestion to resurrect this.

Many of you send in photographs, mainly of birds, and the quality is often excellent. Rather than have a photographic competition based on quality or quantity, Kevin suggests variety, ie, how quickly can we collectively go through the alphabet using the first letter of the bird.

For example, Avocet, Blackbird, Chaffinch etc etc.

Now clearly there will be omissions and although I really want to see birds photographed in and around the Parish, some will almost certainly have to be taken when you’re on holiday (I’m sure you get my drift). So Zebra Finch isn’t entirely out of the question if you’re clever!

So on your marks, get set, go.

As of March 1st this is running and each month I will update you in the magazine as to what’s come in.

Please send shots to me on  naturenotes@basinga.org.uk. This way you will get your photo published in Basinga Extra and there may be a small prize for the shot we judge to be have been the most difficult letter of the alphabet to satisfy.

Good luck.