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Crime and Anti Social Behaviour Update – PCSO Lauren Miller

CREW Road Show

The number of visitors to the Road Show was very good.  Here are some photo's of the event (click on a picture for a larger view).

Crime Reduction Environment Day

to be held in Frank Goddard Room of the Old Basing Village Hall on Saturday 26th September 2009.   The event will run between the hours of 100-1500 and welcomes everyone from the local community (Old Basing and Lychpit) to access up to date crime prevention help and advice, meet their local beat team, meet local Parish Council members and have the opportunity to highlight any worries or concerns they might have in relation to crime, safety and the local environment issues such as littering and fly tipping.  Also in attendance will be a representative from Hampshire Fire and Rescue, Tony Tuck from NHW and a representative from Basingstoke and Deane community safety team.   Cycle marking will also be available on the day so please come along and enjoy what's on offer.  

September Article (Just missed the Basinga deadline)
From PC Tracey Read

Firstly, can I take this opportunity to introduce myself to you.  My name is Tracey Read and I have 6 years experience as a Police Officer, the majority of which has been spent as the Beat Manager for Aldershot Town Centre.  Over the last month I have enjoyed meeting many of the residents on one of my many patrols around the village.  Please feel free to speak with me if you see me out and about.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank PCSO Miller for ensuring that the beat has been well cared for in the absence of a warranted officer.  PCSO Miller and I are now working closely to ensure that the village remains a pleasant and safe place to live.

Matters of note this month:- 

Whilst we have only had two non-dwelling breaks, please ensure that all sheds, garages and the like are secure and any valuable belongings are left secure.
Damage to vehicles.  We have had a number of reports of damage to vehicles overnight.  This appears to be in the form of scratches to paintwork when cars have been parked next to a pavement.  Please use driveways wherever possible and ensure that footpaths are not obstructed.  Please report anything suspicious to Police.
There have been two worrying incidents this month.  The first was an incident where a young female felt threatened by the presence of a vehicle driving slowly beside her as she walked along Milkingpen Lane.  Can we please remind you to be conscious as to the feelings of pedestrians, in particular the elderly and lone females, who can feel particularly vulnerable.  Can we also request that any similar incidents are immediately report to us, with details of the vehicles involved.  The second involved the shooting of paint pellets at the Legion late at night.  If any person has any information concerning this incident we would welcome your call.

Finally we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to attend our Crime Reduction Roadshow
on Saturday 26th September 2009.   The venue for the event has yet to be agreed but will be advertised in the Village at the earliest opportunity.  The event will start at approximately 11:00 a.m. and will be a perfect opportunity to come and meet us and ask questions.  Also in attendance will be your local Councillors, Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinators, Crime Prevention Officers and it is hoped Fire and Rescue may attend.  Officers will be available to mark cycles and give out free gifts!  Please keep a look out around the village for more details.  We hope to see you there!
Until next month stay safe and take care
PC Tracey Read and PCSO Lauren Miller.

August Basinga Article

Over the last month there have a variety of incidents reported to Police from the Old Basing and Lychpit area.  I have tried to include as many of them as possible in this months article but if you have reported something which is not mentioned I apologise for this.

On a positive note there has been a decrease in the number of burglary’s reported in the Old Basing and Lychpit area.  Over the last month there has been one dwelling burglary in the Park Lane area where unknown persons gained access to the rear of a property via the side gate before forcing the rear door gaining access to the property.  Several electrical items were then stolen from the property.  I would ask anyone with any information in relation to this crime to contact Basingstoke Police on 0845 045 45 45, or alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

In light of this burglary we can all take pro-active steps to ensure the continued safety and security of our own property by considering the following:

One non-dwelling burglary has also been reported from the Basing Road area.  I would like to labour the point of mutual security and ask that if you live in this area and see or hear anything suspicious at any time that you report this immediately to the Police.  This area has been targeted several times and in response to this I will be patrolling the area as a priority and asking other colleagues passing through the village to do the same.

A report was also made of a suspicious male in the area of Cowdery Height.  This male was reported to have been seen over two consecutive mornings appearing to search for a lost dog.  This male caused some alarm to members of the public and I would like to urge anyone else who may have seen a suspicious male in this area to make contact with me on the details provided below.  Again if you see anyone acting suspiciously in this area please report it to the Police.

To finish with I would like to highlight a spate of rowdy inconsiderate incidents that have taken place over the last month involving drunken youths and adults.  I appreciate this time of year spells the end of term/school/college/university for many students but the incidents reported have all involved excessive alcohol consumption resulting in acts of anti-social behaviour.   In some cases these “celebrations” could have lead to further action being taken against individuals – perhaps not the ideal way to see out the end of your educational career.  Mill Field along Barton’s Lane was highlighted when reports were made concerning a of groups of youths and adults drinking excessively and then proceeding to act anti-socially smashing glass bottles around the children’s’ play park area.  This will not be tolerated and I will deal robustly with any individuals found to partaking in such activities.  I have the power to seize alcohol from any youth or adult deemed to be acting in an anti-social manner and I will use this wherever possible to minimise the disturbance caused to local residents and businesses and safeguard children wishing to use the facilities.  The playing field along Belle Vue Road has also been affected and both have now been highlighted as a patrol priority.  Please keep reporting incidents of this nature so that the individuals involved can be identified and dealt with accordingly.

On a more positive note I was pleased to hear that the Old Basing Carnival went well.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend the event due to annual leave but my colleagues thoroughly enjoyed the day and I hope to attend next year.  Thank you to St Mary’s School for inviting me to attend their Summer Fete, it was fantastic to have the opportunity to meet so many of you and support such a community minded event.

Until next month stay safe and take care
PCSO Lauren Miller 13374 – Lauren.miller@hampshire.pnn.police.uk  tel: 0845 045 45 45

July Basinga Article

Firstly I would like to thank all the residents who attended the first Old Basing and ychpit Residents Briefing on Thursday 20th May at the Old Basing Village Hall.  Just short of 30 residents attended the evening and embraced the opportunity to discuss community Policing issues with Inspector Debbie Evans as well as access up to date crime prevention advice on SMARTWATER and Neighbourhood Watch.  The evening was such a success that I will now be holding these briefings quarterly throughout the year.  Please look out for the next meeting date in the Basinga or on Hampshire Constabulary’s web page under the Old Basing section.  You can follow this link to the page. I will also advertise the meeting nearer the time at various places/notice boards around the village.

Over the last month there have been 2 dwelling burglary’s in the areas of Inkpen Gardens and Newnham Lane.  On both occasions persons unknown attempted to gain entry to premises but thankfully were unable to and in one case the perpetrator was disturbed before gaining entry and made off.  This serves as a reminder to us all that securing all windows, doors, garages and outhouses are of paramount importance to help protect your property from falling victim to burglars.  Take all house keys and vehicle keys upstairs with you at night so that they are safely out of view and out of reach of any opportunist burglars.  Always bear in mind that burglars are usually opportunists so ensure that nothing of high value, either monetary or sentimental, is left on display in an easy to reach/access location.

The tennis club was also broken into in mid May and one item stolen.  This incident was witnessed and reported to Police promptly resulting in several suspects being identified.  Enquiries are still ongoing at this time and I will update you with any further information in due course.  If anyone has information that may help with our investigation into this matter please contact Basingstoke Police on 0845 045 45 45.  Information can be given anonymously.

Several reports have also been made over the last month of vehicles being driven in anti-social manner along Riley’s Lane and at the Old Basing Recreation ground.  I am currently patrolling both areas at peak times to try to identify the offenders.  I have already identified four vehicles to date and I would like to take this opportunity to remind all vehicle users that should you decided to drive your vehicle in an anti-social and dangerous manner you will face further action from Police and even prosecution.  The Police have the power to seize any vehicle used for anti-social purposes and have it crushed.  I hope this will deter drivers from being involved in any further incidents of this kind.

In the coming month I am very much looking forward to attending the St Mary’s school Summer Fayre and hope to see you there.  Please take care and stay safe whilst enjoying the summer weather!!

Until next month stay safe and secure

PCSO Lauren Miller 13374

If you would like any further information on crime prevention advice please don’t hesitate to contact me on 0845 045 45 45 or email Lauren.miller@hampshire.pnn.police.uk.  Alternatively you can log onto to Hampshire Constabulary’s home page and access up to date crime prevention help and advice at the following web address: www.hampshire.police.uk/internet/

The link for the Old Basing page is http://www.hampshire.police.uk/Internet/localpolicing/northeast/basingstoke/town/Old+Basing.htm